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Garage Door Maintenance

Annual Garage Door and Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Calibration and Balancing
  • Spring Tightening
  • Sensor and Opener calibration
  • Panel Adjustments
  • Wires and Battery Replacement

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    Garage Door Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    Extend the life your Garage Doors

    our Garage Doors and the underlying components that make them function properly are expensive. Garage Doors and equipment have an expected lifetime as with anything. Having Garage Repairmen at your side you can allow you to rest easy knowing that you have taking the extra step to prevent the most common breakdown.

    Our annual Garage Door Maintenance program is low-cost and can save you thousands of dollars from unforeseeable repairs. To learn more about our garage door maintenance program, contact us to day by phone at (866) 349-1442 or click below to contact us online.

    Brands serviced and installed by Garage Repairmen